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McLean Announces Candidacy for SD44

Scott Roy McLean announces Republican Candidacy for SD44

Scott Roy McLean announced Monday that he is running for the vacant seat in the Montana legislature that was held by Fred Thomas, who is term limited and therefore unable to run for that position again in 2020. The district extends from Corvallis to Florence. The primary election is next June.

McLean is the owner of Montana Legacy Law, PLLC and Montana Legacy Realty, LLC, and he is a volunteer firefighter and EMT for the town of Stevensville. Scott has worked for the United States Senate Judiciary Committee under Republican Senator Orrin Hatch and he has worked on the campaign of current U.S. Senator Pat Toomey. While working for the Judiciary Committee, Scott worked on legal arguments opposing Obamacare. Scott’s driving focus if he is elected will be to help protect Montanans from federal overreach, a role that he feels he is uniquely qualified for given his past work experience and legal understanding.

McLean also won a lawsuit against the city of Alexandria, VA in a federal free speech case that freed people living in the federal 4th circuit to be able to put “For Sale” signs on their vehicles.

Scott McLean currently serves as General Counsel for the Montana Young Republicans. He serves on the board of the American Lands Council and he is a member of American Enterprise Institute’s Leadership Network. He is a member of the Republican National Lawyers Association, the Federalist Society, and the NRA.

“I’m looking forward to keeping this seat in Republican hands when Senator Thomas steps down. We will need continued, steady, strong leadership. We don’t just want to hold the line, we want to proactively advance freedom in this state. If I can advance the cause of freedom in Montana, I will do whatever it takes. Its so important to me that people are happy and healthy, and freedom is what will do that. Montana should be leading the advance of liberty, not waiting and watching to see what other states do. I already have a bill prepared to put a stop to the college culture of suppressing unpopular viewpoints and which forces schools to adhere to the 1st Amendment, or else colleges will lose their funding. I have a bill prepared that will allow for people to own and carry guns without fear of running afoul of Montana’s laws that don’t always comport with the spirit of the 2nd Amendment. We need to make it easier, not harder, for people to protect themselves and their families. I have a resolution that will help put Washington DC on notice that Montana expects the federal government to abide by the spirit and intent of the Constitution when it comes to the 10th Amendment and Federalism. I’m preparing a bill that will help pave the way to protect human life and stop human suffering in the event that Roe v. Wade is ever overturned, which I hope it will be. I have a bill in progress that will allow Montana to recognize the occupational licenses of other states, so that when people move to our state they don’t have to start all over, and go through months of redundant paperwork and added occupational license fees, just to be able to continue doing what they were doing for a living. I am planning legislation that will help people who can’t afford an attorney be provided with ready-made forms that will help them successfully navigate their interactions with our justice system. Our justice system is not user friendly. This is just the start of what I intend to accomplish”.

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